Health & Safety News

As a local of IBEW, one of our responsibilities, and arguably the most important one, is to protect and maintain the interests of the IBEW and its members with respect to health, wellness and benefits.

Health Canada is the Federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health, while respecting individual choices and circumstances.

What is Health Canada’s Goal?

According to their mission and vision, Health Canada’s goal is for Canada to be among the countries with the healthiest people in the world. To achieve this goal, Health Canada:

•  Relies on high-quality scientific research as the basis for our work.
•  Conducts ongoing consultations with Canadians to determine how to best meet their long-term health care needs.
•  Communicates information about disease prevention to protect Canadians from avoidable risks.
•  Encourages Canadians to take an active role in their health, such as increasing their level of physical activity and eating well.

Public Safety Canada delivers a range of programs designed to protect national security, improve Canadians’ collective capacity to handle emergencies, combat crime and promote community safety.