A Union-Management Occupational Health  & Safety Committee shall be established consisting of four members appointed by the Union  from their Bargaining Unit and four members appointed by Management.  Each party shall notify the other in writing of its appointees and any subsequent changes.

One representative from the Corporation and one Union representative from the Committee shall conduct inspections as recommended by the Committee but in no instance will the time between inspections exceed three (3) months.

Within five (5) days after the inspection, a meeting of the Committee shall be held to discuss the findings of the inspection and any other items of safety.  Minutes of meetings will be distributed to each committee member and will, within five (5) days, be presented to Management with recommendations for action.

The Corporation and the Union are committed to the safety, health and welfare of employees.  This is accomplished through various joint safety committees and a collaborative effort and relentless commitment by all employees.

The following committees have been established to promote safety.  When the need arises to change the direction or the existence of these committees, it will be done jointly with union and management.  These committees will review and update their respective mandates as required.

(a) Safety Partnership Committee

Safety Partnership Committee consists of company and union leadership members.  The Safety Partnership Committee mandate includes:

  • Ensuring that safety and labour relations remain separate and distinct;
  • Maintaining a respectful and meaningful collaboration for the Corporation safety program and strategies;
  • Actively promoting union/ management alignment on safety;
  • Formulating & executing a high level plan to improve safety at Churchill Falls;
  • Providing guidance and support to the Safety Leaders team, management and the Union executive in promoting all safety initiatives.

(b)  Safety Leaders Committee

The Safety Leaders Committee consists of union members appointed by the union executive and management members appointed by the company.  Each safety leader will champion and promote safety and health within the Corporation.

The mandate includes:

  • Providing input into the safety- related goals and objectives of the corporation;
  • Ensuring that effective safety- related processes are identified, developed and implemented;
  • Reviewing & analyzing safety-related data in order to identify and address emerging trends;
  • Providing guidance &  advice to other safety-related committees;
  • Making recommendations on safety-related education & training programs.

(c)  Safety Stewards

Safety Stewards are a group of representatives from each shop whose mandate includes:

  • Working with their supervisor to address health and safety concerns.

Advocating on behalf of their shop on health & safety matters; participating in accident / incident investigations.  The mandate of the Health & Safety Committee is to protect and maintain the interests of the IBEW and its members, with respect to health, wellness and benefits.

Key Result Areas
To ensure that we fulfill our mandate we will focus on these key result areas:

All Health & Safety committees will serve as a resource to the IBEW regarding health, wellness and benefits by becoming informed of and staying current about issues related to these areas.