Union Structure & Dues

IBEW Local 2351 has an Executive Board which is made up of 3 elected members and 5 elected Table officers (Business Manager/President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer and Financial Secretary), all of which serve a four year term. They ensure that a good governance structure is in place, in conformation with the IBEW Constitution.

The Business Manager/President serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Local 2351 with a responsibility of looking after the day-to-day operations of the union, as well as the responsibilities of the president.

The Executive Board and Table Officers, co-operates with the Business Manager in the performance of the duties of the office. The Business Manager/President appoints all shop stewards, and all IBEW Committee members and they work under his/her direction.  Committees can be formed on a temporary basis (for example negotiating committees) or a continuing basis (Labour/Management or Safety committees).

Local 2351 is divided into 2 Bargaining units which meet the first Tuesday of every month and each meeting is headed by the Business Manager or delegate from the executive.

Union Dues and Types of Membership
There are two categories of membership in the IBEW, “A” and “BA”: which is the choice of the Member.

“A” They pay into the IBEW Pension fund.  Which is separate from the Pension and Benefits negotiated with the employer.

“BA” Pension and benefits are negotiated as part of the IBEW contract with that employer.

“A” or “BA” Membership is $37.50 initiation fee.

Each applicant for an “A” membership shall pay an additional $2.00.

Approval of these admission fees is given by the International President with the understanding that if conditions in the jurisdiction of the Local Union do not justify such fees, then the International President will be free to change the amounts.

Please note that all applications must be accompanied by ten percent (10%) or more of the admission fee. Full payment and admission must be completed within ninety (90) days of making application, in accordance with Article XX of the IBEW Constitution. Dues are payable monthly or quarterly in advance.

The monthly dues shall be:

“A” and “BA” Members

– an amount equal to 1.0% of the member’s gross basic wages plus $1.20/month (Atlantic Utility Council and Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour per capita payments), plus $8.00 per month (Local Union 2351 IBEW Defense Fund).  This amount will increase in proportion to any wage increase received by members of the Local.  

Applicable International per capita and payments and Local Union assessments to be paid in addition to the above dues.

Unemployed Members and Members working outside the jurisdiction of Local 2351 shall pay $10.00 per month plus the International Per Capita plus $1.20 (Atlantic Utility Council and Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour per capita payments).

In the event the Local Union shall collect any money in accordance with the terms of a collective bargaining agreement, for the support of the collective bargaining agency, the Local Union shall, in each case, remit to the international office, each month, an amount equal to the regular per capita applicable to a “BA” type of membership.