Strategic Plan

IBEW Local 2351’s leadership team, which includes the elected Table Officers and Executive Board, is committed to a policy of service to members characterized by transparency in operations and open communications. We represent over 200 technical trades and non-trades at Nalcor Energy Churchill Falls(a.k.a. Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation Ltd.).

We know that in order to be successful, it’s more important than ever that organizations have a plan. This page is an overview of strategic goals that will guide the union’s activities. We hope that all members and potential members will find it informative. We welcome your feedback!

Supporting the Executive Board
The Executive Board provides strategic direction. To support it in this important role, members of the board need to clearly understand their roles and responsibilities, and be provided with the information they require to work effectively as a team.

To develop and implement a plan to improve communication among the membership, the Executive Board and the IBEW Table Officers will move to develop an orientation handbook for new board members, and New Members.

Engaging Existing and Potential Members
To ensure the effectiveness of the organization, members need to be involved and engaged. Communication with members needs to be timely and effective and union staff need to be visible and accessible. Strategies for meeting the needs of prospective members need to be considered.

  • To develop and implement a strategy to increase visibility and accessibility of IBEW E-Board and Table Officers. 
  • To develop and implement a strategy to improve communication with members.
  • To pursue opportunities to grow our union when we identify employee groups who would be a good fit
  • To better serve and engage members who are non-traditional members of the IBEW Local 2351

Negotiating Fair Collective Agreements
Fair Collective Agreements meet the collective interests of our members while recognizing the importance of long-term, sustainable employment opportunities for all.

To successfully negotiate collective agreements between all IBEW Local 2351 members and their employer.

Increasing Organizational Effectiveness
To continue to meet the needs of our members and their families, we need to ensure that we operate effectively. This includes strengthening our planning and communication processes, providing support to shop stewards, and being accountable to our members for operating in a professional, business-like way.

  • To develop a strategic plan for the IBEW Local 2351
  • To develop an orientation and training program and a “tool kit” for shop stewards
  • To develop a strategy to encourage shop stewards to take a stronger role
  • To modernize our office systems, procedures and software to operate more efficiently and better serve our members
  • To develop a comprehensive annual calendar of events and implement appropriate organizational tools to help our E-Board and all IBEW 2351 members to know about, and plan to participate in local activities