Shop Stewards

The first, and perhaps most vital, contact between employees and their union is the IBEW Shop Steward. The IBEW Steward is the primary representative in the workplace and has great influence on the image of the Union as seen by the members.

The role of the steward is to assist the Business Manager in representing members in the workplace. The steward should try to resolve any problems that arise between workers and management at the local level. A steward is not a mediator; he or she is the representative of the workers. Stewards report to and are appointed by the Business Manager.

An IBEW steward has many duties, the most important of which is handling grievances. Other duties include, educating members about the union and the labour movement in general, urging members to attend meetings, and acting as the liaison between union officers and the bargaining unit members. In order to attend to union business, such as processing grievances and representing employees, an IBEW steward is released from regular duties for a reasonable period of time.

Each of IBEW’s Collective Agreements contains provisions for Stewards to investigate and settle grievances. Whether greeting and educating new members or processing grievances, the IBEW steward is the first and most important link in the representation chain.

If you are interested in becoming a shop steward, please contact the IBEW Local 2351 Office.

Shop Stewards - IBEW Local 2351 Churchill Falls



Mike Brophy

Communications Shop – Vacant

Electrical Shop – Tyson Eddison

Fire & Security – Fabian Mullaley

Garage – Quinton Keats

Grocery Store – Karyn Norman

IT Department – Ryne Snow

Janitorial (Cleaners) – Christie Walsh Merrigan

Janitorial (Housing Cleaners) – Denise Bowers

Line Shop – Jeremy Shea

Mechanical Shop – Phil O’Brien

MEO – Glenn Merrigan

Office Services – Vacant

Operations Shop – Deon Philpott

P & C Shop – Paul Blake

Planning Department – Don Philpott

Recreation – Vacant

Staffhouse – Vacant

Town Services – David Parsons

Labour/Utility – Vacant

Warehouse – Brian Harris