Our History

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is very proud of its history. One of the oldest unions on the continent, it was formed in 1891 in St. Louis, Missouri, and just eight years later its first Canadian local was established in Ottawa.

Over the hundred years plus since that time, IBEW has grown to represent more than 700,000 members. In Canada alone, there are 100 IBEW Locals representing 60,000 members. One of the great benefits of IBEW is its structure.

Unlike many other unions, each IBEW local has complete autonomy, which means decisions are made locally by local members. But being part of a large international means every local benefits from the considerable resources of such a major organization.

Also, all the dues money paid by Canadian members stays in this country, and in fact, the vast majority of it stays with the local, ensuring members the greatest benefit possible for their dues.  From the dues collected, a portion is paid for per capita payments to the Atlantic Utilities Council, an umbrella organization for all IBEW Locals in the Atlantic provinces, and Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour, both of which funds initiatives for the benefit of members throughout the region. Local 2351’s membership is comprised of workers with Nalcor Energy Churchill Falls.